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Samples of My Work

The following portfolio of websites includes work under contract, as an employee, and charitable/volunteer contributions. These sites are primarily Joomla and Drupal, built by me, with some graphic design work performed by myself and some provided by partners and clients.


Flexible Platforms

I build on Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress – the 3 most popular opensource CMS platforms, which are extensible and scalable.


Versatile Layouts

With theme engines, your layouts can dynamically adapt to accommodate different formats of content across your various site areas.


Quick & Easy Content

Publishing new content and applying updates are quick and easy, and changes can be staged for review, testing, and approval.


Collaborate Now!

Share your content management tasks by assigning roles like author and publisher, with advanced permissions configuration tools.

About Justin Alexander

On the Subject of Me

I design and develop web sites and applications, including complex Apache configurations and hosting architecture, authentication/security models, web page layouts, CSS styles, and quality assurance. I work primarily in LAMP environments, using pure PHP/MySQL, MVC frameworks, and Content Management Systems. My sites have responsive layouts and browser compatibility, and range from simple, static brochures to complex CMSs and multi-user applications with workflows.

In addition to web-dev and hosting, I manage website content, accessibility guidelines, and publishing procedures. I Produce presentation content containing text, images, multimedia, data visualization, presented through web pages, packaged DVDs, print formats, and video. I Compose multimedia with non-linear video/audio editors such as Blender and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Graphics (logos, photos, style elements) is another craft, which I edit in Adobe CS/Photoshop/InDesign, and I implement pixel-perfect page layouts using template/theme engines, HTML5, and advanced CSS3.

Finally, I have a strong background in IT administration and management supporting financial, engineering and startup software development environments. This includes supervising IT staff, equipment procurement, and managing service accounts.

Hire me, I'm really good